It's been almost a year since the last release, but today I finally released JWM v2.3.7! See the release notes for details. I have also started working on JWM v2.4, which will have some configuration changes, so the next version will hopefully be ready more quickly than v2.3.7. A v2.3.8 will only exist if there are bugs discovered and fixed in v2.3.7 before v2.4 is ready.


Today I released JWM v2.3.6! This release includes several bug fixes and new features. In addition, JWM is now licensed under the MIT license. See the release notes for details.


Today I released JWM v2.3.5! In addition to several bug fixes, this version adds better tiled window placement, the ability to fix windows to a particular desktop, and a new logo. See the release notes for more information.


Due to a few issues discovered in v2.3.3, today I released JWM v2.3.4! In addition to some bug fixes, this version includes a few new features. See the release notes for more information.


Today I released JWM v2.3.3! This release includes support for menu tool tips as well as several bug fixes. See the release notes for more information.


JWM v2.3.2 is now available. See the release notes for more information.


As you may have noticed, JWM v2.3.1 was released on 20150628, which fixes some issues in v2.3.0. See the release notes for more information. JWM v2.3.2 is in the works and will include some minor bug fixes as well as a few style changes.


Due to an issue discovered in JWM v2.3.0, I am planning to release 2.3.1 in the next couple of days. The particular issue is with how menu includes are parsed. Prior to v2.3.0, a menu include would include items directly in the menu, in v2.3.0, menu includes create an extra submenu. This behavior will be reverted in v2.3.1 (and is already fixed in the latest snapshots).


I finally decided to call JWM v2.3.0 finished. See the release notes for a list of changes. In addition, development on JWM v2.3.1 has started with an updated task bar that groups windows. Feel free to try out snapshot and let me know what you think!


JWM v2.3.0 is nearing completion. See the release notes for a list of changes. If you find any issues with a recent snapshot, please let me know via GitHub or email!


Today I released JWM v2.2.2. This version has a couple performance improvements as well as a few fixes for issues discovered in v2.2.0 and v2.2.1. See the release notes for a list of changes.


JWM v2.2.1 is now available. This release fixes several bugs that were discovered in v2.2.0. See the release notes for a list of changes.


I released JWM v2.2.0 today. See the release notes for a list of changes. This marks over two years since the last release! I hope to make releases more often going forward rather than having a hopelessly out-of-date release.


In the interest of supporting complex JWM configurations, I've started working on a new language for JWM configuration files. Right now I'm calling this language JL for "JWM LISP". My goal is to be able to support dynamic menu structures as well as key and mouse bindings that can do different things based on program state. Currently, I'm planning on completely replacing the XML configuration file with this language. Unfortunately, this will change the configuration file format, but I think the end result will be more concise and, hopefully, equally readable. Further, given the Turing-complete nature of JL, it should be possible to use JL to parse the old format.

Rather than creating a new language and interpreter, I could have used an existing language, however, I wanted something that was small yet robust. Such an interpreter can not leak memory, for example, and must be easy to embedded into another program. Further, such a language must make it easy to describe hierarchical configurations of the type that JWM requires. Although such a language may already exist in some form, I was not aware of one off-hand and writing JL was a fun project anyway.

As far as JWM is concerned, I'm still planning on getting JWM v2.2 stable for a release long before switching to JL. JWM v2.2 is taking much longer than I anticipated, but there are a lot of good changes and bug fixes (see the current release notes). Once JWM v2.2 is released, there will likely be maintenance releases before JWM v2.3 is ready, which is when I plan on switching to the new configuration.


As a result of feedback from my last update, JWM will continue to support desktop switching by dragging windows to the edge of the screen, though the behavior is slightly different. Also, JWM will continue to support the outline resize/move mode.

I'm hoping to make a stable 2.2 release of JWM very soon, so I encourage you to try the latest snapshot of JWM and report any bugs either to me directly or on the GitHub page for JWM. If you are using a previous version of JWM, there are a lot of changes. Some of these changes affect the configuration. Because of this, I am in the process of putting together an update document.


I've recently moved JWM to GitHub. Also, lately I've been making several changes JWM that affect the configuration.

With the latest snapshot, the number of user-configurable layers has been reduced to three ("above", "normal", and "below"). In addition, there is now a configuration option (the "border" attribute on the "TrayButton" tag) to set whether tray buttons have a border rather than the rule where tray buttons that are smaller than 48 pixels are flat. There are other changes as well that affect the appearance slightly.

In the near future, I intend on making some more changes including the removal of the ability to drag windows to different desktops and the options to move/resize windows with outlines. If there is any demand for any of these features, I'll probably keep them, but I'd rather keep features that I don't use (or find annoying) out of the code since they are sources of bugs.

I finally got around to working on JWM a bit and fixed a long-standing bug that's affected users of xcompmgr. The latest snapshot has the fix.
Given that it's been over four years since the last version of JWM was created, I decided it was time to wrap up all the changes since then into a new version. JWM v2.1.0 is now available! Although development has been kind of slow over the last four years, there are a lot of changes since the previous version.
It's been a really long time updated anything here, but I have a few items to mention. First, I wrote a game called Knockout for the iPhone/iPod Touch that is now on the iPhone App Store.
Also, as of late I've been working on a computer made entirely out of transistors that I call the Q1. There may be no point in it, but I think it's cool.
Lastly, although development on JWM has slowed quite a bit, I am still working on it on and off and I will hopefully have a new release ready one of these days.
I released JWM v2.0.1. This version fixes a file descriptor leak when JPEG images are enabled.
I finally released JWM v2.0. This version has a new look, background support, bug fixes, and more! Be sure to check out the example configuration file (example.jwmrc) if upgrading from JWM v1.8 or earlier as a few things changed, most notably the way border colors, etc. are handled.
I made a few updates to XDiamonds and released v0.2. Now it should build easier on Linux and it uses XPM images embedded within the binary instead of external PNGs.
Since I now own the server behind and have the ability to add more stuff, I've added a nightly JWM SVN snapshot. This snapshot comes from my local subversion repository (not the one on SourceForge). I've also added JWM source code documentation that is generated nightly from subversion.
Today I finally released JWM v1.8! This version has a few bug fixes and other minor updates.
Today I released yet another release candidate for JWM v1.8, JWM v1.8rc4.
I released JWM v1.8rc3 today. This version only has a few bug fixes. I'm hoping that this version will become JWM v1.8 final.
I finally released JWM v1.8rc2. If this version proves to be stable enough, it will become v1.8. This is mostly a bug-fix release, although a couple of minor things have been added.
Today I released JWM v1.8rc1. This is a release candidate for JWM v1.8. I decided to do release candidates before the final release of v1.8 since a lot of code changed since v1.7.
There are a few minor configuration changes in this version, see the history for details.
Today I released JWM v1.7. This is a bug fix release.
JWM v1.6 is finally here!
Since the OSS output plugin for XMMS on HP-UX doesn't really work right and the ESD plugin is annoying, I decided to write a native HP-UX output plugin. Here's the result in case anyone else finds it useful: HP-UX XMMS Plugin v0.1.
JWM v1.5 is out! Along with the usual bug fixes, this version should be much faster than v1.4. As usual, check out the history for details.
Here's a patch for JWM v1.4 to fix an issue with menu includes. To use the patch copy it to the source directory ("jwm-1.4") and run "patch -p0 <jwm-1.4p1.patch". Then rebuild JWM. To get an updated version number, you will also have to run "autoreconf" before rebuilding.
Today I released JWM v1.4!
JWM v1.3 is out! This version adds more EWMH support including a "dock" for notifications as well as a few bug fixes.
I created a mailing list for JWM. This list is mostly for announcements for now. If the need arises I may create another list for discussion.
Today marks the beginning of a new year and a new version of JWM (v1.2)! No major changes are in this release, but it fixes several bugs that were in v1.1.
Also, as you may have noticed, my message board is no longer available. First there was the spam, so I required that users register to post. Of course, then the spammers simply registered. So then I had it set up so that registered users couldn't post until a moderator enabled their accounts. This solved most of the problems, but apparently there was a security hole in the version of phpBB I was using. So, of course, rather than informing me of the issue, somebody decided to deface the message board. That was the last straw. I'd like to have a message board, but for now there isn't one.
There was a day when I had a very insecure message board where no one had to register and I rarely had problems. Those were the days... It's scary to think what the future may bring.
Today I released JWM v1.1! This version fixes some bugs and adds some new features.
JWM is now at version 1.0! This version has many changes and the configuration file for v0.24 or earlier will not work with this version. Notable changes include the ability to use PNG icons and XFT for true type and antialiased fonts (both can be disabled at compile-time). Also, it is now possible to split up the tray and swallow applications into the tray.
For a more complete list of changes, see the history.
I decided that it was past due to put out a new version of JWM, so here is JWM v0.24. There are several new configuration options and bug fixes for this version. See the history for a complete list. I haven't tested some of the features very extensively, notably the Xinerama support. If any major bugs show up I'll try to stomp them out with a new release within the next week or so.
Note that this version of JWM does not properly display all icons and will not do antialiased fonts on AMD64.
JWM v0.23 is here. This version fixes a few minor bugs. See the history for a list of changes.
JWM v0.22 is finally here. See the history for a list of changes.
I redesigned this site. I still have work to do as far as adding back all the content that was previously here.