Maze Generators

I've written maze generators using many different programming languages. They are available on GitHub. Here's a list of the languages used as well as a link to the specific compiler or interpreter.

Language File Compiler Notes
Ada maze.adb GCC Strongly, statically typed. Verbose language. Allows for low-level code, but supports many high-level language features such as threads and dynamic dispatch.
ARM Assembly Language maze.arm GCC Typical RISC-style assembly language. 32-bit load-store architecture with 16 general-purpose registers.
AWK maze.awk Gawk Dynamically-typed scripting language. Often used for one-liners.
Bash GNU Bash The Bourne-Again SHell. Dynamically-typed scripting language. Often used as an interative shell.
BASIC maze.bas Bas Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Fairly old and simple programming language with many modern variants.
C maze.c GCC Statically typed, low-level programming language. Commonly used for system-level code.
C++ maze.cpp GCC Statically typed. Objected-oriented version of C with generics (templates) and dynamic dispatch.
Clojure maze.clj Clojure Dynamically-typed LISP variant that runs on the JVM.
COBOL maze.cob OpenCOBOL One of the first "high-level" languages. Statically typed and verbose.
Coq maze.v Coq Statically typed with dependent types. Non-turning complete and purely-functional.
D maze.d D Statically-typed. An attempt at a better C++, with garbage collection, etc.
Dylan maze.dylan Open Dylan Gradually typed. Supports multiple dispatch.
Eiffel maze.e Liberty Eiffel Strongly-typed, object-oriented, garbage collected language emphasizing correctness.
Erlang maze.erl Erlang Dynamically-typed, functional, concurrent, and fault-tolerant language.
Factor maze.factor Factor A concatenative, stack-based language similar to Forth.
Forth maze.4th Gforth A dynamically-typed stack-based language.
Fortran maze.f90 GCC An early high-level language emphasizing scientific computing.
Go maze.go Go Object-oriented, garbage collected language with static types and type inference.
Haskell maze.hs GHC Purely-functional language with lazy evaluation and type inference.
io io
Java Java
JavaScript maze.html N/A (Firefox, etc.)
JL maze.jl JL
Kotlin Maze.kt Kotlin
Lisp maze.lisp CLISP
Lua maze.lua Lua
Nimrod maze.nim Nimrod
OCaml OCaml
Pascal maze.pas GPC
Perl Perl
PL/1 maze.pli Iron Spring PL/1
Prolog SWI-Prolog
Python Python
R maze.r R
Ruby maze.rb Ruby
Rust Rust
Scala maze.scala Scala
Smalltalk GNU Smalltalk
SML maze.sml Standard ML of New Jersy
Swift maze.swift Swift
S360 Assembly Language maze.jcl MVS 3.8j on Hercules
TCL maze.tcl TCL
VIM maze.vim VIM
x86-64 Assembly Language maze.s GCC

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