Q2 Simulator

Online simulator for the Q2 computer.

Select a program to run:

Since the silk screen is hard to see, the
control button layout is:
      [Deposit] [ Next  ] (running)
      [ Reset ] [ Stop  ] [ Start ]
Inputs are indicated with red boxes above. To make interaction easier, the up/left/down/right buttons are mapped to WASD and the select button is mapped to space. The simulator is initially halted with the speed switch set to fast. Click the "Start" button to start the currently loaded program. Click the "Fast" switch (located in the center under the clock generator) to switch between fast (usable) and slow (blinken-light) modes. The simulator can be programmed using the switches, though it's easier to just use one of the examples (or upload a .q2p from q2asm) and click "Run".