Miscellaneous Stuff

This is a collection of some smaller programs I've written. See also my GitHub page.

Name Description
Bayes 20120330 A program to graphically create Bayes nets, perform independence checking, and perform sampling. Written in Python using tkInter.
HP-UX XMMS Plugin v0.1 An HP-UX output plugin for XMMS.
Huff 20010903 A huffman compression program written in C.
Huffman 20020509 A huffman compression program written in Ada.
JTop v1.0 A "top" utility for IRIX.
Life 20000913 John Conway's "Game of Life" simulation written in C. Requires ncurses. Screenshot
LZW 20020509 Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression/decompression program written in Ada.
Minesweeper v1.0 Minesweeper game written in Java using Swing.
Tile 20000915 A sliding tile game written in C using GTK. Screenshot
ShareBrowse v0.5 An SMB share browser written in Java using Swing.
xdiamonds v0.2 Diamonds, a Breakout-like game with a twist. Written in C using X11 and libxpm. Screenshot