JWM v2.3 Release Notes

This is a collection of major changes between JWM v2.2 and JWM v2.3.
Version 2.3.0 was released 20150618.

New Features

Configuration Changes

The following XSLT is available to update JWM v2.2 configuration files for use with JWM v2.3: jwm-2.3.xslt.

To convert an existing v2.2 configuration file using xsltproc, run:

cp ~/.jwmrc ~/.jwmrc.old
xsltproc jwm-2.3.xslt ~/.jwmrc.old > ~/.jwmrc

If you have multiple configuration files, it may be necessary to apply the XSLT to some or all of them depending on what configuration options are stored in the file.

A summary of configuration changes follows.

See the configuration documentation for documentation on all configuration options.

Bug Fixes

Updated Translations

Changes in 2.3.1 (20150628)

Changes in 2.3.2 (20150913)

Changes in 2.3.3 (20151118)

Changes in 2.3.4 (20151122)

Changes in 2.3.5 (20160326)

Changes in 2.3.6 (20160812)

Changes in 2.3.7 (20170721)