JWM Fonts



JWM supports core X11 fonts and, if compiled with Xft support, Xft fonts. Fonts are set via the <Font> tag in the JWM configuration. This page describes how to specify font strings for the body of the <Font> tag.

Core X11 Fonts

Core X11 fonts are separated into the following sections:

Fonts begin with "-" and have "-" between each section. "*" may be used as a wildcard to match zero or more characters and "?" may be used to match any single character. It is generally recommended that the following fields be specified to get the desired font: family, weight, slant, and point size.

To easily browse fonts, use the xfontsel program.

Xft Fonts

The format for an Xft font name is:


Here family represents the font family ("times", "courier", etc.). size is the font size in points. Finally, additional font attributes may follow the ":". The following attributes are supported:

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