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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*action.cTray component actions
o*action.hTray component actions
o*background.cBackground control functions
o*background.hBackground control functions
o*border.cFunctions for handling window borders
o*border.hFunctions for handling window borders
o*button.cFunctions for rendering buttons
o*button.hFunctions for rendering buttons
o*client.cClient window functions
o*client.hClient window functions
o*clientlist.cFunctions to manage lists of clients
o*clientlist.hFunctions to manage lists of clients
o*clock.cClock tray component
o*clock.hClock tray component
o*color.cFunctions to handle loading colors
o*color.hFunctions to handle loading colors
o*command.cHandle running startup, shutdown, and restart commands
o*command.hHandle running startup, shutdown, and restart commands
o*confirm.cConfirm dialog functions
o*confirm.hHeader for the confirm dialog functions
o*cursor.cCursor functions
o*cursor.hHeader for the cursor functions
o*debug.hDebug functions
o*desktop.hHeader for the desktop management functions
o*dock.cDock tray component
o*dock.hDock tray component (used for system notifications)
o*error.cError handling functions
o*error.hHeader for the error functions
o*event.cFunctions to handle X11 events
o*event.hHeader for the event functions
o*font.cFunctions to handle fonts
o*font.hHeader for the font functions
o*grab.cFunctions for managing server grabs
o*grab.hHeader file for managing server grabs
o*gradient.cGradient fill functions
o*gradient.hGradient fill functions
o*group.cFunctions for handling window groups
o*group.hFunctions for handling window groups
o*help.cFunctions for displaying information about JWM
o*help.hHeader for the help functions
o*hint.cFunctions for reading and writing X properties
o*hint.hHeader for reading and writing X properties
o*icon.cIcon functions
o*icon.hHeader file for icon functions
o*image.cFunctions to load images
o*image.hFunctions to load images
o*jwm.hThe main JWM header file
o*jxlib.hMacros to wrap X calls for debugging and testing
o*key.cKey binding functions
o*key.hHeader for the key binding functions
o*lex.cXML lexer functions
o*lex.hXML lexer header file
o*main.cThe main entry point and related JWM functions
o*main.hHeader for the main functions
o*match.cExpression matching
o*match.hExpression matching
o*menu.hMenu display and handling functions
o*misc.cMiscellaneous functions and macros
o*misc.hMiscellaneous functions and macros
o*move.cClient window move functions
o*move.hHeader for client window move functions
o*outline.hOutlines for moving and resizing client windows
o*pager.cPager tray component
o*pager.hPager tray component
o*parse.cJWM configuration parser
o*parse.hHeader file for the JWM configuration parser
o*place.cClient placement functions
o*place.hHeader for client placement functions
o*popup.cFunctions for displaying popup windows
o*popup.hHeader for popup functions
o*render.cFunctions to render icons using the XRender extension
o*render.hFunctions to render icons using the XRender extension
o*resize.cFunctions to handle resizing client windows
o*resize.hHeader for client window resize functions
o*root.cRoot menu functions
o*root.hRoot menu functions
o*screen.cScreen functions
o*screen.hHeader for screen functions
o*settings.cJWM settings
o*settings.hJWM settings
o*spacer.hSpacer tray component
o*status.cFunctions for display window move/resize status
o*status.hHeader for the status functions
o*swallow.cSwallow tray component
o*swallow.hSwallow tray component
o*taskbar.cTask list tray component
o*taskbar.hTask list tray component
o*timing.cTiming functions
o*timing.hTiming functions
o*tray.cTray functions
o*tray.hTray functions
o*traybutton.cButton tray component
o*traybutton.hButton tray component
\*winmenu.hFunctions for handling window menus

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